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We’re not just a data platform – we’re a one-stop partner for all your technological needs, from membership and ticketing, to live-streaming your events. All our products are designed to work in synergy with one another, meaning there’s no hassle for you to collate data across platforms, and we can even synchronise with your existing databases.

Our state-of-the-art ticketing services has a transparent fixed-fee per transaction rate, no matter what the price of the ticket, reserving those all-important margins for you. The aim is to provide you with all the tools you need to support and expand your sporting community, whilst streamlining your operations and keeping costs to a minimum.

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    Coaching & Training

    Building a consistent progression framework enables coaches, athletes and recreational participants to be measured on an equal footing anywhere in the world. Reducing unfair matches and ensuring high quality competition can be achieved by linking to a progression system. The administration for events can be reduced by accessing both membership and progression data on entry. Recreational participants and junior members make up the bulk of most federations base, therefore providing a reason to join the federation through coaching and progression encourages future membership.

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    GST Magnify

    By knowing who your participant and fan base are you are able to creates an actionable database to whom you can sell – events, training, third-party benefits and most importantly accreditation/licences. Funds aggregated from membership fees are shared between stakeholders and GST which becomes part or your yearly income. Furthermore, additional revenue can be attained from affiliations and third-party purchases as data drives sponsorship and partnerships.

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    GST Pass

    Global average fees on tickets equate to 10-20% of the ticket price. GST charges a flat fee of £1 per ticket, equivalent to around 2.5% of the average ticket price. Average number of days to get paid AFTER your event has taken place. GST pays clients daily. For some events that could be 3 months faster than Ticketmaster. Most ticket companies do not provide all the participant or fan data with the event owner. GST provides the event owner with 100% of all the data from any event ticket.

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    Membership is changing. Sport and sports federations have a role of entertainment and community. With more people staying at home, it has been a battle for federations to find new ways to provide services to their members, as well as protecting their revenue streams and attracting new members. The continued growth of content consumption via connected devices should be seen as an opportunity to embrace the power of streaming, both pre-recorded or live, rather than a threat to revenue streams.

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    Our leadership team consists of an expert group with a number of years of experience in business development, sport and technology. They have backgrounds working within Olympic Federations, influential sports media agencies and managing renowned professional sports clubs, which provides GST with an unrivalled depth of knowledge and experience in which they are able to pass on to you.