Global Sport Technology

Global Sport Technology Announce Partnership with International Federation of Match Poker

Global Sport Technology (GST) have today announced a strategic partnership with the International Federation of Match Poker (IFMP) to enhance the user experience of the Match Poker live gameplay platform and to help increase membership globally.

GST is a technology business that transforms the way sport businesses and federations connect to key stakeholders and participants at all levels to generate income and encourage future growth. IFMP is the sole global governing body for Match Poker, which has been recognised as a sport by GAISF since 2017, and whose goal is to promote Match Poker as a Mind Sport & eSport globally.

GST’s mission was to provide a technology platform to allow IFMP to grow their membership as well as use their current membership data more efficiently, to help improve their live streaming services during leagues and tournaments, and to offer a ticketing solution to help store transactional data.

“Through our partnership with IFMP we are ensuring the growth and development of Match Poker globally, as well as offering a deep insight into the membership data and of the sport itself. We are very much looking forward to working with the IFMP team and forming a long-term partnership which will be beneficial to both GST and IFMP.” Giles Goodwin (CEO of Global Sport Technology).

IFMP is working to demonstrate that Match Poker is a Mind Sport of strategic skill, not a mere game of chance, and so to promote and launch it as a sport throughout the world.

“IFMP is delighted to be collaborating with GST as it will give the sport of Match Poker, and its National member federations, the skills needed to support its global membership drive.” Patrick Nally (CEO of International Federation of Match Poker).

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