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An Interview with Zaki Pelz, PixelWorx

  1. Tell me about PixelWorx and your role at the company.

PixelWorx has been founded to bridge the gap between consumer content/ goods and their audience. We offer digital marketing services, specialising in Facebook and Instagram advertising as it’s the most targeted form of advertisement.
My role is focused on getting the best return on investments for the advertising campaigns, broadly speaking it’s based around researching audiences and building out persona profiles. I find the data super interesting, learning that maybe your initial target market was not what you were expecting!
I also focus on developing new business for PixelWorx. My ethos though is to foster and grow our existing clientele before bringing in new clients. I would prefer to grow PixelWorx gradually over time, to allow us to give the best possible service.

  1. How has the recent pandemic affected PixelWorx and what strategies have you implemented in order to overcome any issues?

Actually, the pandemic has made us like everyone, adapt. As an example, filming days for specific advertising creatives had been cancelled. However, this allowed us to become more creative by utilising the current assets at our disposal. I think the pandemic in this way, has led us all to think differently about how tasks can be approached.
In terms of advertising for our clients, events that we would have been promoting had been postponed or cancelled. In this case, we had to focus on then what would be essential. We used this as an opportunity to reallocate budget for other areas such as building out brand awareness across social channels.
We are also lucky that a portion of our clients are celebrities that are focused on building out their online presence, podcasts and YouTube are great examples of this. This area of advertising flourished as more people were looking for content to consume whilst being at home!

  1. What are your goals for PixelWorx?

PixelWorx has launched with a flying start. Short term our goals are to really focus on our current client base to build out a great understanding between us.
We are also focused on building out a solid foundation of team members. We are actually looking forward to welcoming a new team member in the next couple of weeks! Fostering new talent is always exciting.
In short, our long-term goals would be to expand our brand awareness of being the go-to agency for celebrity and sports advertising.

  1. With everything currently being more online are there certain trends that are becoming more common?

Coming from a video production background I find it crazy to still see dry text and image-based ads. Video is certainly king for catching audience engagement, this is widely known but I think it’s becoming easier for people without a video production background to begin making exciting content. This is something that for sure will become more common.
I think personalisation is becoming super powerful, we have spent a lot of time developing our messenger service advertising through chatbots. We are working on this becoming more natural in the way that we speak to consumers on a one to one level. AI will definitely become the new norm, businesses at the moment just don’t know how to utilise it.

  1. How do you see PixelWorx and GST working together?

For me, the main reason of partnering with GST, is that two heads are better than one. Putting our expertise together from our backgrounds is not only going to help us innovate and provide better solutions, it’s also going to be enjoyable. Building out a team and working with others is super exciting, I love working with like-minded people that I can help and that can also help me to succeed at a common goal.

  1. How important is data for a company/sports federation in today’s world?

In today’s world data is everything, as we have the ability to measure almost anything!
There is one thing being able to harness data from external sources such as social media sites, but sports federations have so many opportunities to gather data from a range of sources. The then issue for these companies is what do you do with that data?
We build out audience profiles based on a range of parameters including age, interests and audience behaviours. Using this knowledge, you can build out creative advertisements specifically for this group. Not only that, you’ll be able to re-target this audience “Hey, we’ve seen you enjoyed our last event, how about this upcoming event.” As an example.
It also gives us the power to find Look-A-Like audiences, which finds new consumers that act like your current high valued people. Using data in this way to continually optimise for your audience federations will be able to tailor content, improve processes, see larger uplift in engagement and build out a sustainable model.